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What part of the moon do earthlings see?

Humans inhabiting Earth never see the dark side of the moon. Thereason humans can never view this side of the moon is because thetime it takes for the Moon to rotate once is t (MORE)
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Where did the term Earthlings come from?

The term Earthling came from the people who inhabit planet Earth. There are also some other terms used such as Gaian, due to the name Gaia used for Earth, and Terran, based of (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in The Earthling - 1980?

The cast of The Earthling - 1980 includes: Danny Adcock as Bus Driver Ray Barrett as Parnell Tony Barry as Red Maggie Blinco as Jessica Tui Bow as Lyla Cul Cullen as Dawson Pa (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Earthlings - 1984?

The cast of Earthlings - 1984 includes: Raye Birk as Vince Martoni Mike Connors as Captain Jim Adams James Cromwell as Simon Ganes Robin Dearden as Sally Leonard Frey as Jayza (MORE)
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What are the release dates for Earthling - 2010?

Earthling - 2010 was released on: USA: 14 March 2010 (South by Southwest Film Festival) USA: 11 April 2010 (AFI Dallas International Film Festival) (premiere) UK: 2 May (MORE)