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Who painted the Garden of Earthly Delight?

This triptych was painted by the Netherlandish Heironymus Bosch in the early 15th Century, which is currently housed in the Museum of Prado in Madrid, Spain.
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What is ghost's earthly connection?

I have spent almost 5 years researching about the paranormal, and this was the one of the questions that i was able to answer. In order to answer this question i must tell y (MORE)

How will earthly and heavenly city be reconciled?

According to the following, it doesn't appear that there will be ANY reconciliation between the two. Revelation 21:1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heav (MORE)

What does twilight of your earthly existence means?

"Twilight", in poetic and literary usage, means "the end stage", or very near the end. The "twilight of one's earthly existence" means any time from very late in life to the m (MORE)