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Easement by prescription?

A prescriptive easement is an easement created from an open, adverse, and continuous use over a statutory period. If you have ever heard of adverse posession, it is essentiall (MORE)
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What is an easement?

Answer . An easement is a right to do something on the land (real estate) of someone else, such as using a driveway across someone's property to get to a garage on an adja (MORE)
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What are easements?

Easements are rights to use someone else's property for anotherpurpose. Easements are generally found in real estate law.
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What is a nonexclusive easement?

It is an easement that is used in common with others. If you have a non-exclusive easement appurtenant to your property it means that you can't stop others from using it. I (MORE)
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What is a proscriptive easement?

If a piece of land has been occupied & used in an open manner for a certain specific period of time WITHOUT the permission of the owner, then the using party acquires certain (MORE)
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Do you have to sign an easement?

To be effective an easement must be signed by the grantor, acknowledged and recorded in the land records.
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Is fire easement a public utility easement?

No given easement goes beyond the specific right granted by the easement document. Specific usage(s) of a fire easement would be only those actions directly related to fire pr (MORE)
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How do you revoke an easement?

Generally you cannot revoke an easement unless you reserved the right to revoke it when it was granted. The owner would need to voluntarily release it to you. You should consu (MORE)
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How does an easement and a perpetual easement differ?

They are both used to describe the same thing. An easement is perpetual unless it says otherwise in the original grant. They are both used to describe the same thing. An ease (MORE)
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What is a county easement?

A county easement is a provision in the property deed that permits the county some form of access to some or all of the property without having to ask permission of the proper (MORE)