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What is the purpose of Billie Joe Armstrong saving kids at the ending of east jesus nowhere?

Haha well, from listening to the song and watching him, I notice it seems kind of like a religious baptism thing. And since the song is making fun of the contradictions of rel (MORE)
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Does an East wind come from the East?

Per "WIND DIRECTION: The direction from which the wind is blowing. For example, an easterly wind is blowing from the east, not toward the east. It is reported wi (MORE)

What are northings and eastings?

the lines going across are called eastings the lines going up are called northings eastings can be known as latitude northings can be knows as longitude
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Where is east ham?

  It is in the London Borough of Newham.   = =
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Does the word East have to have a period at the end when abbreviated?

yes just like you need to with south, S. ,north, N. and west, W.     Answer   I work with wind directions all the time and they are simply abbreviated to E, W, N, N (MORE)

Why is there no east Philadelphia?

The oldest, original parts of Philadelphia border the Delaware  River, which forms the eastern boundary of Pennsylvania. That  leaves literally no space left for an area cal (MORE)