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How did Columbia Sussex corporation got its name?

  William Yung pulled it out of thin air,just as he did Best Airlines.   David Eldridge Fischer villa hills,ky.
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Who wrote the sussex pledge?

It was a promise made by Germany to the United States in 1916 alowing armed merchant ships, but not passenger ships, to be sunk without warning. However, a cross channel ferry (MORE)

How many miles from Redruth Cornwall to Hastings Sussex?

321 mi - about 6 hours 5 mins. (Allow an extra 30 minutes for every 100 miles in busy traffic). Redruth, Cornwall.UK to Hastings, East Sussex, UK 1. Head northeast on E E (MORE)

How many eggs do a light sussex lay in a year?

260-280 depending on the bird, some have claimed 300+ but I'm dubious about that number.
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What are the Lusitania and the Sussex?

The Lusitania was a cruise ship full of Americans that was accidentally sunk by the Germans in WW1, and was the main cause of American involvement in WW1. When Germany helped (MORE)

What is the telephone area code for East Sussex UK?

East Sussex is a large county and is covered by several adjacent area codes. For example, Brighton uses the area code 01273, while Eastbourne has the code 01323. To put a (MORE)

What are the beaches in Sussex?

Sussex is an hisorical county and former Saxon Kingdom in coastal south-east England, it's beaches stretch from Thorney Island just east of Portsmouth to the border with Kent (MORE)