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How do you get pie in maths?

3.145 is a shortened version of pi which is mostly used rather than the full number. Pie is a tasty dessert which only appears in maths if you have a really nice teacher.
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Why is there a pie called shepherds pie?

Shepherd's pie describes a pie made with minced lamb or mutton topped with mashed potato and baked. The term originated in the late nineteenth century. It is a version of cott (MORE)

Why is pie yummy?

Answer:Because pie is filled with sugar and fat, it is delicious. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Becaus (MORE)

What is The mince pie?

  I think a mince pie is also sometimes called a mincemeat pie. It's like a sweet pasty - they usually also have a pastry top, but sometimes do not. They are traditionally (MORE)

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What does as easy as apple pie mean?

metaphore it taking something totally different and compares it to something Another response: The phrase "as easy as pie" means that whatever being described is very simpl (MORE)

Where was pie discovered?

Pie wasn't discovered it was invented by an ancient baker. It was needed to compute monetary amounts and keep dunces like little Jack Horner busy. The primitive state of mathe (MORE)

What is the origin of the saying easy as pie?

  Meaning Very easy. Origin There are many similes in English that have the form 'as X as Y' (see this list). These almost always highlight some property - X, and give (MORE)

What is a pie seller?

Someone who sells pastries by tom Johnston
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