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What is ebony herb?

\n. \nwhat is ebony herb? what is it used for\n. \n. \nScientific name : Diospyros mollis Griff\n. \nIt is used to expel/cure intestinal parasites\n. \n (MORE)
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What is ebony colors?

Ebony's color is normally a dark blue/black but mostly more black. . ebony is also a type of tree which gives a very rare Wood
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What is ebony in Italian?

There isn't exactly an Italian word for 'ebony' - but you could use ' nero ', which means black.
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Ebony is a type of what?

It is a hard heavy, durable wood from southern India and Sri Lanka, lustrous black in colour
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What is ebony ingredients?

Ebony doesn't have ingredients - it's a type of wood yielded by various species of hardwood trees indigenous to western Africa and Indonesia.
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