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What color is ebony?

Ebony is a very black tree. it is the color of the black keys on a piano. Ebony, (there are several species of trees of the genus Diospyros  (family Ebenaceae), is a hardwood (MORE)

Is ebony wood softwood lumber?

  "Ebony" is a general term encompassing a number of different species of tree. The most famous is Diospyros ebenum, a small evergreen native to Sri Lanka and India. Since (MORE)

What is the meaning of eboni?

  The meaning of Eboni is Black Beauty Princess. The kind who is loving and caring but if coossed will choke da mess out of you in a heartbeat. They are smart, sneaky, out (MORE)

Where does ebony come from?

Ebony is a dense black, or very dark colored wood. Used for carving and musical instrument parts. Various types of tree species produce dark woods that are called ebony, but (MORE)
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Where does ebony wood grow?

There are many varieties of ebony that range greatly in density and darkness of color that grow all over Africa and India. But the densest and darkest is known as Gaboon Ebony (MORE)

Where is the ebony claw?

The ebony claw is lying on the floor in front of the Stormcloak soldier corpses.
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