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Where is ebony ayes?

Answer . atlanta Ga...she worked as an escort for a brief period..then went into real estate. Ebony Ayes never worked as an escort. She was a professional dominatrix in At ( Full Answer )
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Is ebony a spice?

Ebony is not actually a spice, It is the wood dark wood off a tropical tree. It is expensive and valuable. It is also Greek. It is a very cute name, too.
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What is the meaning of eboni?

The meaning of Eboni is Black Beauty Princess. The kind who is loving and caring but if coossed will choke da mess out of you in a heartbeat. They are smart, sneaky, out-going ( Full Answer )
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Where does ebony come from?

Ebony is a dense black, or very dark colored wood. Used for carving and musical instrument parts. Various types of tree species produce dark woods that are called ebony, but ( Full Answer )
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What is ebony used for?

Traditionally ebony is used in musical instruments and in traditional chess sets, it is used as the black pieces
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Is ebony hygienic?

Any substance with bacteria or germs on it is un-hygienic. If you're talking about a shared ebony-wood musical instrument, make sure to clean any parts touched with the hands ( Full Answer )
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Is ebony awesome?

yes ebony is the most awesomest person in the universe and if you dont know this well you do now :)
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What is ebony made of?

Ebony is a very dark wood, gathered from one of several species of trees. It is harvested and prepared like any other wood, and is grown as a cash crop throughout Africa, much ( Full Answer )
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Where is the ebony claw?

The ebony claw is lying on the floor in front of the Stormcloak soldier corpses.
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Is ebony the best?

Ebony is mainly a name, Really for my opinion this is a really not usual question. My answer is no. I cant really say anything else because i have never seen you in my life.