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What is eccentric?

Eccentric means, literally, "off center". The term originated withastronomy. Later, it came to be used in mechanics, to describe awheel or gear which rotates about an axle whi ( Full Answer )
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What is Eccentricity?

Orbital eccentricity is a very important measure of how elliptical the path is that is followed by an orbiting body. Everything that orbits around another body follows a path ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of eccentricity?

Eccentricity refers to unusual behavior, or actions that areconsidered abnormal. If someone wore a pink shirt every day andwore no other color, they would be considered eccent ( Full Answer )
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What is eccentric force?

Eccentric force is a force that does not pass through the body atits center of gravity. It also does not pass through a part of thebody that is fixed.
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A sentence with eccentric?

Here is a sentence that uses the word eccentric. My mother is veryeccentric and oftentimes described as being weird.
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What is the eccentricity of Uranus?

At an average orbital distance about 27 times the Earth's distance from the sun, Uranus revolves around the sun with a period of 84.3 Earth years, with an orbital eccentricity ( Full Answer )
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What is an eccentric person?

an eccentric person is someone who is always full of energy , but can act strange sometimes
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How is eccentricity determined?

A simple way which works for orbits with a small eccentricity, like most of the planets, is to find the maximum and minimum distance from the sun. If we call the distances Dma ( Full Answer )
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What is a the eccentricity of a circle?

Eccentricity is only present in ovals and ellipses. A circle is present. The eccentricity of an oval or ellipse is how linear it is.
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When was the Eccentricity?

100,000 and 400,000 years, caused by changes in the shape ofearth's orbit around the sun.