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Where does echinacea grow?

\n. \n Where Echinaceas Grow \n. \nThe most common Echinacea, Purple Coneflower, grows in zones 3 to 8 and prefers full sun and moderate to regular water. They are very (MORE)
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What is an echinacea?

The Echinacea is a flower that is used for medicinal porpoises such as a flu of you'r ordinary cold.
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Is echinacea an antibiotic?

No, echinacea is used as an immune system support. For more information please see the related link below.
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What is the scientific names for echinacea?

There are two main types of echinacea used in herbal medicine. One is Echinacea angustifolia & the other is Echinacea purpurea. Sometimes you'll also see the name Echinacea pa (MORE)
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What is the recommended dosage of echinacea?

Herbal tea or infusion: fresh or dried herb steeped 10 - 15 minutes in 1 pint of boiled water, 3 times daily. Tincture: 4 oz (112 g) fresh or dried herb to 1 pint brandy, gin (MORE)
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Does echinacea help with cold sores?

It helps boost your immune system which can help prevnt a cold sore. But it doesn't do much to help heal cold sores.
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Can children get Echinacea?

Echinacea should not be given to children under two years of age, and it should only be given to children over two in consultation with a physician
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What color is Echinacea?

The purple-pink rays of the blossom droop downward from a brassy hued center cone composed of many small, tubular florets