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What is a echinodermata?

"Echino" means spiny. "Derm" means skin. Echinoderms are spiny-skinned animals. They live in the ocean. Examples of echinoderms include starfish, sea urchins, and sand dollars ( Full Answer )
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How are Echinodermata helpful?

There are many ways in which the echinoderms are helpful to theenvironment. They help to clean up the waste of other marineorganisms and they help to maintain the biodiversity ( Full Answer )
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Why are echinodermata called this?

The name means "spined skin", from the greek. This invertabrate phylum have truly spiny (as in sea urchins amd sea stars) or apparently spiny (as in sea cucumbers) skin, are r ( Full Answer )
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Characteristics of echinodermata?

Modified Radial symmetry of adults (most species have five parts that point out from the center) No brain only a simple nervous system. Most have an endoskeleton. Water vas ( Full Answer )
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What are the members of Echinodermata?

The Echinoderms include starfish, sea stars, sea daisies, brittle stars, sand dollars, sea urchins, crinoids (such as feather stars) and sea cucumbers.
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How do Echinodermata reproduce?

Echinoderms have the ability to regenerate new parts asexually. They also have separate sexes with sex organs in each arm. Sexual reproduction involves releasing gametes into ( Full Answer )
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Do Echinodermata have coelom?

no, they dont.....good job for having to ask someone on the INTERNET for the answer!
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What are the characteristics of an echinodermata?

a radially symmetrical marine invertebrate with a endoskeleton, a water vascular system and tube feet, like *sea star, *sea urchin and sea cucumber
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What are the economic importance of phylum echinodermata?

The Echinoderms are important both biologically and geologically: biologically because few other groupings are so abundant in the biotic desert of the deep sea, as well as the ( Full Answer )
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What are charcteristics of Echinodermata?

body has more than two cell layers , tissues and organs body cavity is true coelom body shape is highly variable but with no head has poorly defined open circulatory ( Full Answer )