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What is the 2008 economic crisis?

The Subprime Mortgage Crisis (Also knows as the US economic crisis of 2008) is an ongoing economic problem that has become more apparent in 2008 and has resulted in reduced li (MORE)

Who warned us about the military-industrial complex which appears to be the root of the economic crisis of 2008?

Major General Smedley Butler - Author of the book "War is a Racket"     "WAR is a racket. It always has been. A few profit and the many pay. But there is a way to stop (MORE)

Compare with economic crisis in 1929 and 2008?

The similarities are striking according to Bernard C. Beaudreau, professor of economics at Université Laval and author of "How the Republicans Engineered the Stock Market Cra (MORE)

What was the source of the 1973 economic crisis?

October 6th 1973 Oil Crisis was a direct cause of the Economical Crisis. OAPEC refused to export petrol to supporters of Israel because of the Yam Kippur War where Syria and E (MORE)

The impact of 2008 economic crisis on Nepalese economy?

  There is a school of thought, supported by the IMF, that the rest of the world can pull the world economic engine despite the likely slowdown in the US. Current economic (MORE)

What is the economical crisis?

An economical crisis is a complication or something that has  negative impact on the economy. A good example is when a country  loses its tourists and investors due to insec (MORE)

Did the GM recovered for economic crisis?

GM's stock was largely taken over by the the federal government and the UAW and is worth is much less then what was put into it with the bail out. Plus GM's overall market sha (MORE)

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