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Was explorer 1 manned or not manned?

Unmanned. Explorer I, launched February 1, 1958, was the first US artificial satellite. It was approximately 4 feet long and 8 inches in diameter (1.2 m by .2 m) and weighed 3 (MORE)

What were the economic consequences of World War 1?

World War i ended when the Germans signed an armistice (truse) on November 11, 1989. Later in the Treaty of Versailles (1919) the Germans reluctantly agreeded as a result the (MORE)

World War 1 economics?

Overall, the Allies spent more than twice of what the Central  Powers spent in the war ($58 Billion vs the Central Powers' $25  Billion). Of all countries involved, the UK a (MORE)

What were the economic factors of World War 1?

It cost a lot of money to keep soldiers on the front lines. Each  country involved had to ration things at home to keep the soldiers  well outfitted and people who usually w (MORE)