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What is economics?

The branch of social science that deals with the production, consumption and distribution of goods, services and their management. This includes capital and raw materials as w (MORE)

What economic problems did Germany face after World War 1?

They were being crushed by the victors. In order to pay back the  debts, they tried to make more money, which led to severe inflation  and poverty.
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What is the economic about?

Modern Definition of Economics   Prof.A.C.Dhas defines economics as "The study of choice making by individuals, institutions, societies, nations and globe under conditions (MORE)
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Which is better Iron Man 1 or Iron Man 2?

The Iron Man depicted in Iron Man 2 would be able to handle Iron Man 1 Pretty handily. The Iron Man I was still being poisoned and weakened by the Palladium of the Arc Reactor (MORE)

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How did geography and economics play a role in World War 1?

One of the economic causes of antagonism between Germany and England was the formers desire for a larger colonial empire. This led Germany to embark on a shipbuilding program (MORE)

Who until World War 1 was the world's leading economic power was?

Until WWI the world's leading economic power was Great Britain. Her position was maintained through her empire and the world's largest and most powerful navy of the day. The U (MORE)