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What is meant by ecosystem?

The term ecosystem refers to the combined physical and biological components of an environment. An ecosystem is generally an area within the natural environment in which physi (MORE)
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What is an ecosystem and why do you study it?

An ecosystem is a community of interacting biological and non living things that inhabit a particular area. They are studies so that we can understand the interactions that oc (MORE)

What does a ecosystem have?

Abiotic and Biotic Factors, such as animals, plants, decomposers, and other amazing living things. And abiotic factors include, Oxygen levels, Nitrogen Levels, Carbon Levels, (MORE)

What is managed ecosystem ecosystem?

A managed ecosystem simply means a area that has been controlled by humans and you can often tell in a ecosystem or habit/ area is managed or natural
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What is Russias ecosystem?

Russia's ecosystem consists of the polar deserts, alpine tundra,  arctic tundra, and glaciers. In addition, you have the sub-taiga,  bogs, south-taiga, middle-taiga, and nor (MORE)

How are ecosystem similar?

Any organism could live in a habitat. Or a niche role of the different animals forming a community a population of animals living together to for a niche role.
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What is a pond ecosystem ecosystem?

an ecosystem i smade out of 2 things: boitic ans abiotic elements( living and non-living things). so in that case, the pond ecosystem has to have a living and non-living thing (MORE)

What forms an ecosystem?

Ecosystems have an atmosphere, soil, light, heat, water and living  organisms. The living organisms in an ecosystem can include plants,  animals or is formed by livi (MORE)

What is an artificial ecosystem?

  An artificial ecosystem is an ecosystem made by man. An artificial ecosystem is something like an animal reserve or a giant terrarium, one example, a zoo.
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What are the factors of the ecosystem?

The factors of an ecosystem are the climate and living organisms.  The climate supports the life within the ecosystem. The living  organisms help each other survive. For exa (MORE)