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What is ectoplasm?

In biology, ectoplasm is the outer part of a cell's cytoplasm.  Ectoplasm can also refer to the supposed physical substance that  manifests as a result of spiritual energy. (MORE)
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What is ectoplasmic reticulum?

Sounds spooky to me. Do you mean 'Endoplasmic Reticulum' ER? A membrane within a cell, to which ribosomes are attached.
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Is ectoplasm real?

  yes it is real I've seen it come out of my friends mouth. No. Every time it's been tested it's proved to be fraudulent

How do you buy ectoplasm on Oblivion?

Go to the mages guilds or local ingredient shops in the towns. Find  the merchant and buy as many as you can afford. You must be level 4  or higher for Ectoplasm to appear i (MORE)

What is the function of ectoplasm in the animal cell?

Think the proper term is "cytoplasm." Not 100% sure. But i digress, the fluid is present to give the organelles within the cell a stable environment, so theyre suspended, but (MORE)