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What is ecumenic?

Answer . ec·u·men·i·cal adj. 1. Of worldwide scope or applicability; universal. 2. 1. Of or relating to the worldwide Christian church. 2. Concerned (MORE)

What is ecumenism?

Catholic Answer The Church has always been concerned with Ecumenism, therestoration of unity among all Christians (see definitionbelow), since the first tragic split in the (MORE)

What is an ecumenical council?

See the Related Link below. It is a meeting of Christians from many denominations (eg catholic, Methodist, Anglican, Baptist and so on) in order to discuss doctrine, liturg (MORE)
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What is the ecumenical movement?

It is the movement that the church the church will move to BC if they wish too......
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Is ecumenism necessary?

ecumenism is not necessary as the catholic views of Christianity counter balances with Dr sharp's theory of why the beneficiciant priciples of supreeth's law of Brown.

What are the Ecumenical councils?

The ecumenical council refers to a conference of the theologicalexperts and the ecclesiastical dignitaries convened to settle anddiscuss matters of the various practices of th (MORE)

What is ecumenical dialog?

Ecumenical dialogues are official theological talks and discussions between two or more churches either branches of the same church or differenct churches altogether aimed at (MORE)

What is Ecumenism in Tamil?

Ecumenism is கிறிஸ்தவ ஒன்றிப்பு Eccumenical Council is பொதுச௠(MORE)