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What is the ecumenical council?

The ecumenical council is a conference that is convened to mainly  discuss church doctrines. This is a meeting that brings together  theological experts and ecclesiastical d (MORE)

What is meant by the term 'ecumenism'?

  The ecumenical movement refers to the attempt to increase cooperation between religions. Not necessarily blurring the distinctions between them, but increasing tolerance (MORE)

What year did ecumenism begin?

  True ecumenism began at the tower of babel referred to in the bible in Genesis Chapter 11 where all the people of the earth united to build a tower to reach heaven. Of c (MORE)

What are the three ecumenical creeds?

  The Nicene Creed, The Apostles' Creed and the Athanasian Creed.   The first two outline the main points of faith for all Christian Churches. The third concentrates so (MORE)

What is the meaning of the 'Ecumenical Council' by Dali?

Type your answer here... I am not a professional art critic, but I am a serious Catholic and artist. To me, Dali's painting is an artistic representation of ALL the Ecumenical (MORE)

What is an ecumenical church service?

The Christian Church consists of many denominations - groups of Christians with a particular style of worship. For example, Baptists tend to have many services based on script (MORE)

What is ecumenical dialog?

Ecumenical dialogues are official theological talks and discussions between two or more churches either branches of the same church or differenct churches altogether aimed at (MORE)

What are the ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church has had 21 ecumenical councils: First Council of NicaeaFirst Council of ConstantinopleCouncil of EphesusCouncil of ChalcedonSecond Council of Constantinop (MORE)

What is ecumenism main feature?

The mission of the Christian church is evangelization, but this mission is impeded by the division of the churches. A divided Christianity is a stumbling block to faith, and a (MORE)