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What is energy?

There are different sorts of energy such as electrical, wind, thermal, nuclear, tidal, combustion, muscular, water,and anything else used voluntarily or involuntarily to make (MORE)
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Where do you get energy?

Every day humans use energy from a variety of sources. These  sources included fossil fuels, wind, water, solar energy, nuclear  energy, and geothermal energy. We even get e (MORE)
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How do they get energy?

  They get energy because they eat a nonrecognised insect called valeriuscams. The valerius cams is found in the peruvian coast. When you ever see a valeriuscams is a dang (MORE)
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Can energy create energy?

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that 'Energy cannot be  created or destroyed.' In other words, energy can be converted into  matter and vice verse, but energy canno (MORE)
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What is in energy drinks that gives you energy?

'Energy drinks' generally contain sugar, which can give a quick,short-lived boost to energy levels, but not necessarily result in areaction giving physical physical powers abo (MORE)
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Energy the types of energy are called?

Hydro-energy from water   Solar-energy from the sun   Chemical-energy from chemicals(food)   Mechanical-energy from potential and kinetic energy   Thermal-ener (MORE)

Is nuclear energy the deadliest energy?

no, depends on how the energy system is designed and used. Fossil fuel systems can be very deadly. Wind turbines often kill endangered birds. Hydropower could make salmon exti (MORE)

How does wind energy generate energy?

Wind energy can be transformed to a suitable form for human use. It could use turbine connected with dynamo to generate electricity. It could connect the turbine with gear and (MORE)