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The family of Edgar Allan Poe?

His mother died and his father left him... there were two women who knew his mother, and one adopted his sister. The other adopted him. Their last name was Allan, so they made (MORE)

How did J. Edgar Hoover die?

The official cause of J. Edgar Hoover's death is listed as a heart attack. The news reports the day after his death had indicated his death was due to the effects of high bloo (MORE)

Was there a Edgar J Watson?

There is actually a historic marker at the old Watson home at Chatham Bend. The cistern is still there and at one time there were parts of the old piers and chimney of the old (MORE)

How do you get wind?

we get wind by.....Energy being transformed into electricity when wind moves a turbine and spins a magnet. Now that's how we get energy.
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To Helen by Edgar Allan Poe?

"To Helen" is the first of two poems to carry that name written by Edgar Allan Poe. The 15-line poem was written in honor of Jane Stanard, the mother of a childhood friend. It (MORE)

How do you say Edgar in Spanish?

Edgar it is the same in Spanish than it is in English. for example Corry will still be Corry but the thing with double R's is you have to roll your tong
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Why should prince Edgar not be king?

prince Edgar should not be king because many people thought he was to young to lead England. although he the great-nephew of edward the confesser and was a descendant of the A (MORE)

Who is Edgar Alvarez?

He is a Honduran footballer (soccer player) who plays for Bari in Serie A Italian football.
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