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What are the dangers of cycling?

You can fall off the bike, you can ride into things, pedestrians, other riders, you can be ridden into by other riders, you can get hit (and run over) by a car. Longish rides (MORE)

What is the hydrologic cycle?

"Hydrologic cycle" is another term for "water cycle." Water evaporates from the oceans and other bodies of water, forms clouds, which then produce rain, which falls on the ear (MORE)

Which cycle manufacturer is better - hero cycles or atlas cycles?

Atlas is stronger and can carry heavy loads while the hero is good  for speed and easy riding.
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What is hydrogen cycle?

Answer   the hydrogen cycle is simply the water cycle. this cycle is all about how water is recycled throughout the planet.   An Idealised Hydrogen Cycle   # Wate (MORE)

What is a payroll cycle?

  The payroll cycle is the period of a beginning date and an ending date of length of time.   A weekly payroll cycle would be for any seven days.   A biweekly payrol (MORE)
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What is gaseous cycle?

In a gas cycle elements move through the atmosphere. Main reservoirs are the atmosphere and the ocean. Gas Cycles: Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen
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What is disbursement cycle?

when it comes to managing the disbursement cycle, the objective is to: Shorten the Disbursement cycle Lengthen the disbursement cycle Equalize disbursements with receipt (MORE)

What is Price and price elasticity of demand?

Price refers to the dollar value of a product, and price elasticity of demand is a measure of the responsiveness of consumers or purchasers to a change in a product's price. T (MORE)

Why is the hydrologic cycle called a cycle?

  It is the circular path of water in its various phases that gives the hydrological cycle its term cycle. The cycle begins with evaporation (from the ocean say), follows (MORE)

Why is the Calvin cycle considered a cycle?

The Calvin cycle is called such because every process produces  something that the next process needs, right back to the original  step. Carbon fixation produces the molecul (MORE)