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What are the song lyrics for Edith Piaf?

  No! No regrets No! I will have no regrets All the things That went wrong For at last I have learned to be strong No! No regrets No! I will have no regrets (MORE)

Did Edith piaf have arthritis?

I just saw the biopic about her and then did some research because the actress depicted her as so bent and at one point in the script she says she has arthritis. The research (MORE)
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What colour eyes did Edith piaf have?

In later notes of Edith Piaf's biographies, she is said to have bright blue eyes. She also very much favored blue eyes in men, which is why the song "Plus bleu que tes yeux" w (MORE)

Did Edith Piaf have children?

Yes. At the age of 16 Edith fell in love with a delivery boy named Louis Dupont. At age 17 she gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Marcelle, but the child died of meningi (MORE)

What did Edith Piaf die of?

Piaf died of liver cancer at the age of 47 at Plascassier, on the French Riviera, on 11 October 1963.
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Why was Edith piaf blind?

It was claimed she was (evidentally totally) Blind between the ages of three and seven and she miraculously recovered her sight following a religious pilgrimage to Lisieux, Lo (MORE)

Did Edith Piaf believe in god?

A very interesting question! One of her songs seemed to poke a sort of sad fun at religion- this being the Three Bells or (Trois Cloches). The song is in a sense a biography o (MORE)