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What are the song lyrics for Edith Piaf?

  No! No regrets No! I will have no regrets All the things That went wrong For at last I have learned to be strong No! No regrets No! I will have no regrets (MORE)

What is Edith Piaf nickname?

Edith Piaf was known as The Little Sparrow - Piaf being a colloquial, French term, for a sparrow.
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Did Edith Piaf sing a song called La Seine?

  Yes, my 6th grade French teacher loved to play it for us. I can only remember parts of how it goes, but she certainly sang it beautifully.
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What colour eyes did Edith piaf have?

In later notes of Edith Piaf's biographies, she is said to have bright blue eyes. She also very much favored blue eyes in men, which is why the song "Plus bleu que tes yeux" w (MORE)

Who is Lady Edith of Scarborough Yorkshire?

Throxenby Hall was built by Lord Londesborough in the mid-19th cent. He married Lady Edith Frances Wilhelmena Somerset so I'm assuming that Lady Edith's Drive etc. were named (MORE)

What did Edith Piaf die of?

Piaf died of liver cancer at the age of 47 at Plascassier, on the French Riviera, on 11 October 1963.
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Who is Edith schwalb?

Edith was born in Vienna. She is a Jewish girl that lived during the Holocaust. She lived by being hiding along with lots of other children. She went into hiding after her fat (MORE)

What Caused Edith Cowan to die?

It is unknown what Edith Cowan died from. She passed at the age of  78, so it is quite possible that she died from old age.
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Did Edith Piaf believe in god?

A very interesting question! One of her songs seemed to poke a sort of sad fun at religion- this being the Three Bells or (Trois Cloches). The song is in a sense a biography o (MORE)