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What is an editorial?

An editorial is an article in a newspaper or magazine (or television or radio) that expresses the editor's personal bias. it is exactly what it sounds like that one thing tha (MORE)

Importance of editorials on editorial page?

Editorials are basically articles in a newspaper that expresses the writers own opinion over something.. Example: (an abortion editorial). Abortions in the eyes of most huma (MORE)

What does editorial mean?

Coments made by or on behalf of the editor of a publication. or some one that coments of the editor or a book. Example: High heels are super hard to run with. blah blah blah (MORE)

What is an editorial policy?

For a publication, an editorial policy is the way it frames itsarticles. Usually, the policy states exactly how articles will beedited and presented in the publication.

What is the purpose of an editorial?

An editorial advocates a stance, proposes an action that it wantsan elected official or the general populace to take or puts forthan opinion. They either represent the opinion (MORE)

What is an editorial cartoon?

An editorial cartoon/political cartoon , is a comic strip , or a single panel , that depicts a current political or social message regarding a politician or current event in a (MORE)

How do you end an editorial?

you can end your editorial with the ff: -a striking statement that can hit or make the readers to action. -a quotation related to the topic -a summary about your stand (MORE)
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What is editorial omniscience?

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