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What did edmond halley do?

He was the second British Astronomer Royal, and he realized that sightings of a bright comet in the past were probably the same object and correctly predicted its next return; (MORE)

Why is Halley's comet named after Edmond Halley?

because he was the one who said it was the same comet people were seeing, but it was coming back to earth every 76 years. he said it would come back in a certain year, and it (MORE)
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What space object is named for the astronomer edmond halley?

Halley's Comet (that's easy, right?). Although it had been observed before, Halley was the first to discover that it was the same comet that returned at regular intervals, ins (MORE)

What space object was named after Edmond Halley?

Halley's Comet was named after Edmond Halley. In 1758 he first noted its periodic orbit which makes it's appearance every 76 years. It has been observed by astronomers for the (MORE)

Did edmond halley invent the diving bell?

No. Aristotle first described one in the 4th Century BC. But the first working one was created and used by Guglielmo de Lorena in 1535. Over the course of the next 150 years o (MORE)

Was Edmond Halley pro or amateur?

A pro or amateur what? He was a pro at figuring out comets and  their orbits. He also has a bunch of stuff named after him,  including the famous comet of all.
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