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Who is Edna in The Sun Also Rises?

Edna is Bill's friend who arrives in Pamplona late in the fiesta, and who attaches herself to their group for a single night and the following morning, after which she disappe (MORE)

What dollar note is Norman Manley found?

Here's a list of images found on Jamaican currency:    Bill Image    50 Samuel Sharpe   100 Sir Donald Sangster   500 (MORE)

Who is Professor Manley West?

Professor Manley West is an emeritus professor and administrator who runs a pharmacology lab at the University of the West Indies (UWI) campus in Kingston, Jamaica. He has wo (MORE)
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Is Edna Mode a boy or a girl?

It's a girl. Edna is a female, a minor character in the film The Incredibles. She is half German half Japanese and calls everyone Darling.
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Who plays Dame Edna?

The character of Dame Edna Everage is created and played by Australian comedian Barry Humphries.
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Is Dame Edna a male or female?

The character of Dame Edna is intended to be entirely female. However, the character is played by a male, Barry Humphries.
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