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What dollar note is Norman Manley found?

Here's a list of images found on Jamaican currency:    Bill Image    50 Samuel Sharpe   100 Sir Donald Sangster   500 (MORE)
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Meaning of Spring By Gerard Manley Hopkins poem?

'Nothing is so beautiful as spring' is the first line of the poem.   This line clearly summarises the meaning of the first eight lines or octave of the poem 'Spring'. A lo (MORE)

Did Edna St Vincent Millay had a religion?

She did not have a belief of any New Testament doctrine and was therefore not a Christian ; but apparently like many early 19th century socialists, she did ascribe to a sort o (MORE)

Where in Jamaica is the statue of Norman Manley?

  Norman Manley's statue is located at the entrance to the St William Grant Park   Parade in Down Town Kingston Jamaica
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What is the current value of an Edna Ferber 83 cent stamp?

Scott Catalog 3434   The face value is 83 cents. That means it can be used for 83 cents postage.   A Mint copy has a value of $3.25. There is not likely to be any addi (MORE)

Why the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins appeals to his readers?

Why it appeals: 1. Relates to depression/mental illness - you are not only one who feels the depression. 2. Techniques : rhyming, making up new words (darksome - mixture o (MORE)