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What is recuerdo by Edna St Vincent Millay about?

"Recuerdo" is a poem about memories. Recuerdo means memory in Spanish. The speaker is recalling a time she spent with a boy she loved riding back and forth on the NY Ferry all (MORE)

What simple strong emotions do Edna St Vincent Millay's words evoke in her poem Travel?

In Edna St. Vincent Millay's poem, Edna uses simple, strong emotions that are heightened and affected by the poem's rhythm. For example, when the poem says "Yet there isn't a (MORE)

Did Edna St Vincent Millay had a religion?

She did not have a belief of any New Testament doctrine and was therefore not a Christian ; but apparently like many early 19th century socialists, she did ascribe to a sort o (MORE)

What does the poem City Trees by Edna St Vincent Millay mean?

It means pretty much what it says, literally. First, trees in the city are just as alive and beautiful as those in the country, but we might not notice them as much because of (MORE)

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