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When did Edouard Manet marry Suzanne Leenhoff both month and year?

  On October 28, 1863, Manet married Suzanne Leenhoff. She was a musician that had been hired by Manet's father to give Edouard and his brother piano lessons. Edouard and (MORE)

Who is Daniel The Haitian Sensation Edouard?

Daniel Edouard, born November 23, 1980, is professional boxer who goes by the name "The Haitian Sensation."   He had an amateur boxing career that bolstered a Police Athlet (MORE)
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How did Edouard Benedictus made plexiglass?

He was working in his lab when he dropped a flask his assistent had not cleaned. he dropped it from about 20 feet up so he was expecting it to be shattered, instead it was bro (MORE)

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