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Is Ford reliable?

Depends on which Ford model you are referring to. The Ford Fusion has been very reliable and is rated by many as the most reliable family sedan. The Flex, and Lincoln MKT are (MORE)

What was cause of death of edsel Ford?

  Edsel Ford's death has been attributed to several different causes: "undulant fever" (brucellosis) as a result of drinking unpasteurized milk from Henry Ford's farm; sto (MORE)

Who was Gerald Ford?

Gerald Ford (July 14, 1913 - December 26, 2006) was the 38th USPresident. He was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr., but took the nameFord after his step-father. He represented the s (MORE)

What Did Henry Ford do?

Henry Ford made his first car in 1896 and sold it for $200. He then invested that money, along with $15,000 from a prospective partner and created Ford's Detroit Automobile Co (MORE)

Why did Henry Ford make Fords?

Henry Ford became a wealthy industrialist by adopting the factory assembly line, and mass-production. But his initial occupation was a machinist, and his role in automobiles w (MORE)
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What is an advantage of Ford?

An advantage is that Ford Is a company That is named after Henry Ford he made the first car. . Henry Ford did not make the first car. Benz did. Henry Ford was famous for makin (MORE)

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