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Will Ford 460 heads fit on a Ford 400m motor?

no they will not a 400 is a clevland series motor 460 is a 385 big block the only thing that they have in common is distrbutor and transmission bolt padern 460cid Heads wi (MORE)

Is Larry Ford related to Tennessee Ernie Ford?

  The answer is, Larry Ford is not related to Tennessee Ernie Ford. This is a commonly asked question at nearly every concert.....they do seem to resemble each oth (MORE)

What is the difference between the Ford bronco and a Ford bronco ii?

Size. The Bronco is a full sized vehicle. The Bronco II is the miniature compacted version. The full size broncos came with larger v8 engines and the Bronco II was designed du (MORE)

Why does Ford 1.6L Ford industrial engine backfire?

Engine back fires because your points are old and when they rub against the lobe it might be dry, causing the points gap to change as the wear fast with no grease. Hope I make (MORE)

What was cause of death of edsel Ford?

  Edsel Ford's death has been attributed to several different causes: "undulant fever" (brucellosis) as a result of drinking unpasteurized milk from Henry Ford's farm; sto (MORE)

Can a ford ranger tow a ford escape?

Yes it can for a short distance of a couple of blocks if you are sure to put the escape in neutral and tow a about 15 miles an hour or less. If you have a four cylinder in you (MORE)
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Were Henry Ford and Gerald Ford related?

Not directly. They may have shared a distant ancestor named Ford.At any rate, "Gerald" was not related by blood, because hisbiological father was Leslie Lynch King, Sr., for w (MORE)