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Who is Pete Rose?

Peter Edward "Pete" Rose (born April 14, 1941) is a former Major League Baseball player and Manager. Pete Rose is known to be one of the better hitters of All Time in Major Le (MORE)

What colour were the roses in the war of roses?

The roses were red and white after the Yorkist symbol of the red rose and the Lancastrian symbol of the white rose. The wars were between the Yorkists and Lancastrians. Corr (MORE)
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What kind of roses are Knockout roses?

Knockout roses are in the disease resistant rose line. Disease  resistant roses come in many varieties. If you love gardening, go  to my website at, (MORE)

Who is derrick rose?

Derrick Rose is the point guard for the Chicago Bulls basketball team in the NBA. He is known for being the best player on the Chicago Bulls and is also known as the Most Valu (MORE)

Is there a green rose?

Green roses have been around since the 1700's. They are true roses  but do not have petals, only sepals
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What is the driving distance from Everett Washington to Pocatello Idaho?

The driving distance between Pocatello, ID and Everett, WA is approximately 760 miles. The driving time would be approximately 12 hours 15 minutes if you were to travel non-st (MORE)