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How was the Arlington Cemetery segregated?

Formerly, it was separated by race and military ranking. This could be seen in the size of grave markings and also in the placement of them. Now it is not so. In the newer seg (MORE)

Where is Arlington?

There is a significant city in Virginia named Arlington that is  right outside of Washington, DC. The famous Arlington National  Cemetery is there.    Arlington is al (MORE)

Who was Edwin drood?

The Mystery of Edwin Drood was the novel that Dickens was writing when he died at his home, Gad's Hill Place, on June 9, 1870. It is his shortest novel, by design and by accid (MORE)
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What is miniver cheevy by Edwin Arlington Robinson about?

Miniver Cheevy is about a man who drowns his troubles with drinking and wishes to live in the days of old but he only thinks and never acts, he can be a hero in any time berio (MORE)

Where are the barraks in Arlington National Cemetery?

The Honor Guards at Arlington for funerals and at the Tomb of the Unknowns are from the 3rd Infantry, "The Old Guard", the Army's officially designated ceremonial regiment. It (MORE)

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