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Who was Edwin drood?

The Mystery of Edwin Drood was the novel that Dickens was writing when he died at his home, Gad's Hill Place, on June 9, 1870. It is his shortest novel, by design and by accid (MORE)

Who killed Edwin drood?

It is unknown to who Dickens wanted for Edwin's murderer, so in the plays, it is up to the audience who is the murderer, the detective and the couple who live happily ever aft (MORE)

What did Edwin Hubble discover?

Edwin Hubble discovered that the Galaxies in the Universe are continually moving away - in all directions - from the Earth.
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What is a summary of Siddhartha by Edwin Arnold?

Edwin Arnold has no book by that title, but he did write "The Light  of Asia" about the life and time of Prince Gautama Siddhatha.    The book is a narrative poem that (MORE)
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What was Edwin Hubble's occupation?

He was an astronomer, and is credited with Hubble"s law, which has to do with Galaxies. He did NOT invent the space telescope named in his honor- this was a posthumous honor- (MORE)

Why Is Edwin Hubble Important?

Edwin Hubble is important because of his excellent work in physics observation and analysis. Prior to Hubble, only Theoretical Work was honored. Hubble still sets the standa (MORE)

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