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What is effective demand?

Effective Demand is "the demand in which the consumer are able and willing to purchase at conceivable price" simply saying if the product price is low more will buy if the ra (MORE)

What are effects and side effects of chrominac-a?

Chrominac-A is supposed to help regulate high androgen levels,  better insulin sensitivity, better glucose intake into adipose  tissue and cells and skeletal muscles, ovulat (MORE)

What is the income effect and substitution effect?

The Income Effect is the effect due to the change in real income. For example, when the price goes up the consumer is not able to buy as many bundles that she could purchase b (MORE)

What are three effects of the Greenhouse Effect?

Three effects of the Natural Greenhouse Effect: Keeps the earth comfortably warm enough for life.This has been going on for millions of years.Human, animal and plant life can (MORE)

What is resonance effect and inductive effect?

Resonance effect: It is a way of describing delocalized electrons within certain molecules or polyatomic ions where the bonding cannot be expressed by one single Lewis formula (MORE)
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How does the Doppler Effect effects sound?

There is a limitation od Doppler's effect in sound. Doppler's effect is applicable provided if the relative velocity of the source and the listener is less than the velocity o (MORE)