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What is the effect of?

The effect the result of what happens after a action or cause. Itis also called a consequence or outcome.

What is a effect?

a effect is something when you slove it after a cause. a effect is something when you slove it after a cause. a effect is something when you slove it after a cause

What is an effect?

An effect is what happens after you do something. For example, if Ispill a drink , the effect would be the drink spillling out the cup. Another example , if I broke a plate, t (MORE)
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How do you get after effects?

You can either buy the new version, CS5 (about $250), or you can buy one of the older versions (Like CS3), that Adobe no longer chooses to use for profit. Just make sure that (MORE)
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What is after effect?

After Effects is a prestigious program designed by Adobe. It's extremely high-quality effects software. It's what the professionals use. Sure, there are others like Sony Vegas (MORE)

How is the greenhouse effect increasing and what are its effects?

The greenhouse effect is increasing because humans continue to add additional carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, chiefly by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural g (MORE)

What is the effect of -?

This is an ambiguous question. If you are asking about the meaning of the symbol - it is either a minus sign or a hyphen. It either indicates that a number is negative or is b (MORE)
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What are the effects of 'the'?

The word 'the' is the definite article. Think of it in contrast to the indefinite article, 'a'. To go there, we will need the car. In this sentence, the implication is that th (MORE)