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What are two effects of global warming?

 Atmosphere and oceans warming so much that sea ice, ice caps  and glaciers melt, raising sea levels and flooding coastal cities  worldwide.  Changes in climate will affe (MORE)

Is global warming an effect of pollution?

Yes. Global warming is the result of increasing levels of  atmospheric carbon dioxide, caused by human activity. Carbon  dioxide emissions are now classed as pollution.  (MORE)
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What is global warming and what are the effects of global warming?

Global warming is the heating of the earth because of humans. It's caused by a rise in Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere which causes the greenhouse gases to retain more (MORE)

What is the effect of global warming on Africa?

Africa is already troubled with outbreaks of famine. This is likely  to continue as rainfall patterns shift and the land becomes warmer.  Poorer countries will be unable to (MORE)
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How does global warming effect chimpanzees?

Global warming may eventually be responsible for the loss of 50  percent of chimpanzee habitat. Rising temperatures mean the chimps  have to rest more, causing them to eat l (MORE)

What are the effects caused by global warming?

1. Ocean levels are rising    2. Glaciers melt around the world    3. Polar bears get endangered as the ice pack in the north recedes    4. Droughts   (MORE)

Do people have an effect on global warming?

The "null hypothesis" in science conforms to the status quo. Climate scientists asked themselves this very question, assuming the answer was "no," that humans have no impact o (MORE)

What effects are from global warming?

Global warming is manifested as a 0.8°C rise in average global  temperature since 1900   1. Increase in the intensity of tropical storms is suspected    2. Anticipa (MORE)
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Does logging effect the global warming?

Yes, trees and plants take in carbon dioxide (CO2, which is a huge greenhouse gas), store the carbon in their roots, trunks and branches and release the oxygen. If the trees a (MORE)