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Does society cause some guys to become effeminate?

Answer . Answer: I believe when you combine Christianity with the women's liberation movement, there will undoubtedly be effeminate men as a result. These will be the law- (MORE)
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How can you tell if someone is effeminate?

\nA person should generally be able to tell by observing another's mannerisms, etc. "Effeminate" more refers to external characteristics or how a person is seen by others (an (MORE)

Petticating young effeminate boys for discipline?

Well, all the right/wrong or good/bad arguments of this practice aside, "petticoating" boys ("effeminate" or not) as a discipline to tame them has nonetheless been well proven (MORE)

What is effeminate?

Effeminate is the essence of a woman-like quality. To be called 'effeminate' means you have a girlish nature or a womanly asset (physical, mental, emotional).

How do you be effeminate?

It is somewhat difficult to summarize this complex subject, and your best bet is to observe what effeminate people do; your model would be gay men who are particularly trying (MORE)

How can a man become more effeminate?

"Effeminate" is a cultural term. Certain behaviors are typical of women, others of men. Obviously, playing up these stereotypes is sexist, but basically that's what you're aft (MORE)

Are all effeminate men gay?

No, this is simply a stereotype and generalisation. The only way to conclusively determine someone's sexual orientation is if the person tells you. Whilst many gay men display (MORE)

Why are Korean boys effeminate?

Even if you've come in contact with effeminate Korean males, that does not mean they are doing anything wrong and does not mean all Korean males are effeminate. You should (MORE)
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Is effeminate a verb?

Effeminate is mostly an adjective, but it can be used as a verb, though rarely. A verb is a word that describes an action ( run, walk, etc ), a state of being ( exist, stand (MORE)