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Efficiency of computer?

Efficiency and effectiveness are often confused. Efficiency is the ratio of output to the input of a process. Always less than 100%. We may consider the power output of an eng (MORE)

How efficient is nuclear?

Nuclear power plants such as PWR and BWR have a thermal efficiency around 33 percent. The best fossil fired plants are around 40 percent efficient.
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How efficient is an ATM?

Very efficient. With the thousands of ATMs used worldwide, there is a very small percentage of errors compared to the millions of successful transactions completed every day.
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What does efficient mean?

Someone who is well organized. They can perform tasks in an organized and capable way. Ability to function without waste: capable of achieving the desired result with the min (MORE)
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What is efficiency in power?

Power is the amount of work(W) done in a given amount of time(t).   Efficiency is a measure of how a machine is effective. This is done  by taking the ratio of output wor (MORE)
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What is a transport efficiency?

Transportation depends on many factors. 1. Cost (Weight) 2. Time 3. Object being transported 4. Type of transportation 5. Availability of item 6. Other factors For food tra (MORE)