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What is the best way to effortlessly get what you want?

Answer . Pray!!!!!! Then set goals in baby steps and work through each step need ed to get where or what you want. Then pray! God only gives you what is right for you, so i ( Full Answer )
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Since the brain is not a muscle why doesn't it work effortlessly that is without conscious effort?

The brain mostly works without conscious effort ! Imagine you are sleeping. Your brain regulates your breathing. It controls your dreaming. It wakes you up in the event of ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence with effortlessly?

There are lots of sentences you can make with effortlessly. Like... I effortlessly answered that question. Bob effortlessly ate a pie. She jumped over the pole effortles ( Full Answer )
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Why so astronauts on the moon bounce around so effortlessly?

The moons gravity is a lot lower than the Earths, so the men exploring the lunar surface will weigh a lot less, roughly 1/6th of what they do on earth. This means they can jum ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for the word effortlessly?

The dog sailed effortlessly over the fence; and was gone in an instant. Our team seemed to win the match effortlessly.