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Is efforting a word?

No! Effort is a noun. The "ing" is a suffix forming the present participle of verbs. This makes "efforting" a mix of a noun and a form of verb; therefor, it is not a word. Thi (MORE)
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Conservation efforts of wildlife in India?

Wildlife conservation projects and programs: To promote wildlife awareness among the people, the Indian government has started various natural projects and programs such as P (MORE)

Does effort have a plural like efforts?

No, you cannot put 's' to make 'effort' into plural form. Effort remains effort either it is one ore more effort.
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What is a a effort ramp?

An effort ramp is a slanted surface used to raise an object when direct lifting is not a viable option.
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What is Herculean Effort?

an effort off herculeas Hercules was a mythological figure of great size and strength. A Herculean effort is to say that one is strong, vigorous and determined in their attemp (MORE)
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What is an effort force?

An effort force is how much force or pressure you placed on one side of an object. How much effort you put on an object.
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What is piston effort?

The driving force action on the piston is called piston effort.In other words the net resultant of all the other forces acting on the piston is called piston effort.
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How can you get abs with almost no effort?

Surgery. If that's not in your medical plan, here are the instructions. Whenever you will be sitting in front of the tube, get two full cans of beer before you sit down, the t (MORE)