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What is a collective effort?

Answer . It means when more than one person is involved to make an effort on the subject in question.
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What is a effort force?

Effort force is a force used to move an object over distance. Which ball will bounce higher lacrosse ball or tennis ball? Read more: (MORE)

What is Herculean Effort?

an effort off herculeas Hercules was a mythological figure of great size and strength. A Herculean effort is to say that one is strong, vigorous and determined in their attemp (MORE)

When do you use effort and efforts?

Here are a few examples I'm trying really hard to put some effort into this sentence The effort needed to pull the truck out of the ditch was greater than first thought (MORE)
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Is effort a noun?

Yes, it is an abstract noun. It represents the will to accomplish a  task and the energy that goes into accomplishing it.
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What is the deffinition of effort?

noun . noun: effort ; plural noun: efforts . a vigorous or determined attempt.. "hammer birdhouses to country fenceposts in an effort to bring back the eastern bluebird (MORE)