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What is a large ego?

ego comes from the latin- I. it means a to have a large self esteem- often used when self esteem becomes vanity. if you are said to have a large ego, it means that you think (MORE)

Where did ego come from?

Ego is our sense of self-consciousness, the realization of "I". Ego evolved in humans as our brains gradually grew bigger and more complex. Lower animals may have some sense o (MORE)
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Who have a ego?

The persons who thinks that i am the supreme power i can do anything i am rich etc.etc. have a huge amount of ego
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What is ego status?

The ego status refers to the cognitive and behavioural problems  that is associated with a person.

What is the difference between ego and super ego?

In Freudian theory, there are three parts to the personality: the Id, the Ego and the Superego. The Id is the part you were born with that seeks pleasure and avoids pain. The (MORE)

What is an ego?

The ego is your consciousness of your own identity, or the conscious mind. Basically, your ego is related to your confidence level; if you have a big ego, your confidence is h (MORE)

What is ego?

In Latin, 'ego' means 'I'. For the English translation, ego is the belief in one's self, usually an exaggerated feeling of pride and superiority over others.
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Who is Ego Leonard?

Ego Leonard is a Dutch painter and sculptor. His work mainly  features outsized Lego figures.
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