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How do you know if you are an egomaniac?

Definition: Extreme self-interest which prevents one from allowing other people to come between oneself and the achievement of one's desires. A person who is governed by extre (MORE)

What is the difference between an egomaniac and a narcissist?

Here we go with that wonderful label "Narcissist" yet once again. Unless a psychiatrist/psychologist has labeled this person then they could simply be an egomaniac. Perfection (MORE)

Is an egomaniac the same thing as a narcissist?

A narcissist is ALWAYS an egomaniac But an egomaniac may not have the traits necessary to be a narcissist. amoral/conscienceless authoritarian care only about appe (MORE)

Is Barack Hussein Obama an egomaniac?

Like anyone who runs for powerful political offices, he has a lot of confidence and belief in himself. Most people in the spotlight can be a little vain from time to time. But (MORE)

Was Alexander the Great a conscious promoter of Greek civilization or a egomaniac drunk with a lust for conquest?

He was both. . He attempted to introduce Greek culture as a civilisinginfluence amongst the peoples he took over, but was constantlydiverted by conquests until his early deat (MORE)