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Does a Egyptian cobra have venom?

All cobras are venomous snakes. The Egyptian Cobra is considered one of the most deadly due to it's aggressiveness and amount of venom it injects with a single bite.
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What does an egyptian cobra eat?

It preys on small mammals , lizards, toads, and other snakes. With very few exceptions, the majority of snake species (Cobras  included) feed on rodents and other warm-bloode (MORE)
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Why is the king cobra not a cobra?

King cobras are still considered to be cobras however they do not share the genus name of all other cobras. The genus of all true cobras is Naja, while the king cobra belongs (MORE)

How do you do the cobra?

  first thing is first are you talking about the cobra dance if you are i can help you first you take your arms out and put then on your sides but lift them up like a airp (MORE)

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