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What is Eidolon?

Eidolon-deliberate assertion of fictional or hoaxed artificial intelligence with the intention of raising awareness of probable future computer based sentience for the purpose (MORE)
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How would you use eidolon in a sentence?

Eidolon is a word used to describe an idealized person. A goodsentence would be, he was very eidolon when it came to working onvehicles.
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What are the different eidolons for Final Fantasy XIII?

Snow: Shiva -ice types -turns into bikes Lightning: Odin -Warrior -turns into horse Sazh: Brynhldr -Fire -turns into racecar thing Vanile: Hecatonchier - (MORE)
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How do you beat vanilles eidolon in final fantasy 13?

Vanille's eidolon is beaten by debuffing it using the saboteur paradigm. So...... have Fang be a sentinal and block damage and soak up attacks. Switch VAnille to a medic when (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Eidolon - 2004?

The cast of Eidolon - 2004 includes: Jennifer Burgomaster as Student Jeff Cain as Student Jay Calisi as Student Deidre Cullen as Evelyn Anthony DeGennaro as Student Ben Dorenf (MORE)