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What is a courtesy lamp in a 1995 eighty eighty royal?

Courtesy lamps are the interior lamps that come on when the door is opened or the interior lamps switch is actuated on the headlight switch. These are different from "interio (MORE)
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Is eighty a noun?

Yes, eighty is a noun, it's a number, a thing. The word eighty is also used as an adjective. Example uses: Noun: From the hundred we sent out, eighty responded. Adjective: (MORE)
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Who sang this is it in eighties?

Kenny Loggins wrote and recorded the song "This Is It" in 1979 for his album "Keep The Fire". It was recorded with Michael McDonald. It reached #11 on the Billboard chart o (MORE)
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Who wrote nineteen eighty four?

The book Nineteen Eighty-Four was written by Eric Arthur Blair whose pen name was George Orwell .
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What is a sentence for the word eighty?

eight·y    /ˈeɪti/ Show Spelled [ ey -tee] Show IPA noun,plural eight·ies, adjective . -noun . 1.. a cardinal number, ten times eight.. (MORE)
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Was there crime in the eighties?

Yes their was crime in the eighties. There have been crimes since the first human being set foot on Earth.