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Where in Greece was the painter El Greco born?

    El Greco was born in Crete, and named Kyriakos Theotokopoulos, (c. 1541-1614). He emigrated to Italy as a youth. El Greco left Italy for Spain in 1577, and spent t (MORE)
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Are greco lizards born in eggs?

Yes, gecko lizards grow in eggs until they are ready to hatch.  Almost all reptiles are created and born from eggs of one form or  another.
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What is an fact about El Greco?

He was a painter who painted paintings. His paintings were painted by him, as he is a painter. A painter paints things, but never paintings. Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica (MORE)

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Why was El Greco important?

El Greco is important because he helped to preserve the cultural tradition of the Renaissance and capture of the spirit of the new reformation. He allowed the two to be merged (MORE)
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Was el greco rich or poor?

El Greco was rich. He was an artist who came from a wealthy family  that originated in Crete. He did live in Italy for a little  while--Venice, to be specific. Towards the e (MORE)
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What type of art did El Greco paint?

El Greco mostly painted religious works. He was a devout Catholic  during the reformation so his paintings frequently represented  Catholic beliefs. The Burial of Count Orga (MORE)