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How do you write Elaine in Korean?

There isn't a Korean translation for this name, but if you were to write it in Hangul, this is what it would look like: 일레인When you say it, say it like you would any oth (MORE)
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What did elaine brown do that was so important?

She was once a leader of the Black Panther party, in 1967. She was the only woman to ever lead the BPP (Black Panther party). She is now a political activist and she speaks in (MORE)

Is Elaine an Orthodox saint name?

Elaine is indeed an Orthodox saint's name, as it is derived from the name Helen. St. Helen was the mother of St. Constantine the Great. Together, the two of them "discovered" (MORE)

Who is Elaine Paige?

Elaine Paige, recording artist and producer, made a major contribution to the modern musical   "The First Lady of British Musical Theatre".   Was chosen by Hal Prince to (MORE)
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Does elaine cassidy have a sister?

you know the characters from the hit show on channel 2 or what ever kdka is on your television well at night there was a show called Harper's Island it was a very great show b (MORE)

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