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Where did joe vitale get his doctorate?

Joe Vitale's "Doctorate" is from the University of Sedona study at home course. THREE STEPS TO EARN YOUR DOCTORAL DEGREE IN METAPHYSICS FIRST STEP - APPROXIMATELY SIX MONTHS: (MORE)
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What is the noun of vital?

Noun forms for the adjective vital are vitalness and vitality. Another noun form is vitals, a word for organs of the body that are essential to life, such as heart, brain, l (MORE)

What is the definition of vital?

The word vital has different meanings depending on use, they are the following:critical: urgently needed; absolutely necessary; "a critical element of the plan"; "critical med (MORE)
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What is vital signs and why are they called as vital signs?

they are called vital signs because they the most essential organs in the body that shows the cardinal sing of body conditions.
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What is vital registration?

vital registration is concerned with the recording of key life cycle or vital events,
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What is a vital contributor?

A vital contributor is someone who contributes necessary  information. This could also be referring to a monetary donation, a  vital contributor could be one who donates a l (MORE)

What protects the vital organs?

The skull (protects the brain) and the rib cage (protects the heart  and lungs)
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What is vital force?

The definition of vital force is the soul, or the spirit or energy  that animates a living creature. It is a hypothetical force that is  independent of chemical or physical (MORE)
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Is Elan school still open?

Yes, the Elan school is still open and actively trying to rebuild their population. This "school" has had allegations of abuse as recent as 2009 in the form of official sworn (MORE)