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What is elasticity?

In general terms, elasticity is the amount of stretch that an object contains. It is property by virtue of which matter keeps its shape from deforming into another. When an e ( Full Answer )
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What is elasticity of demand?

How much demand of a product goes up or down depending on the price. Elastic demand changes greatly as price changes - for normal goods, as the price goes up, demand drops. ( Full Answer )
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What is elastics?

Elastics are a textile that is usually used with clothing items.Elastics are used in clothes to make them stretch. Elastics alsohold their shape very well.
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What is meant by elastic?

stretchy!! The property of a body to recover its original size and shape when the external force are removed.
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What is elastic made of?

Elastic is made of strands of rubber, latex, or other flexible material that is weaved together.
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What does elasticity mean?

Elasticity means strecthy:) Actually, Elasticity is an economic term that measures how much a product is used less if the price increases. The classic example is gasoline; w ( Full Answer )
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What if there are no elasticity?

if there is no elasticity means...there will be no deformation in shape and size...and one more thing is if we try to change the shape of the object and no elasticity means th ( Full Answer )
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What is the elastic laws?

More formally known as the Implied Powers. The Constitution lays out many specific roles of the government, but it would be impossible for the Constitution to lay out every sp ( Full Answer )
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Is copper elastic?

Copper is ductile, but not overly elastic. Metals that elasticallydeform under a load will return to their original shape once theload has been removed, however if it plastica ( Full Answer )
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What are elastic properties?

Elasticity is a physical propery of materials which permit the return to the initial state after the cessation of a deforming action.