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How do you transplant elderberries?

  Answer   Elderberries sucker freely, so they are very easy to transplant. In the spring, after the ground has thawed, cut the plants down to either about one third (MORE)

What does elderberrys do for you?

Elderberries are a type of fruit. Elderberries can do many good  things for your health, such as keeping the flu at bay or as a  natural remedy for the common cold. Elderber (MORE)

What is elderberry?

( 1 ) The edible black or red berrylike drupe of any of a genus ( Sambucus ) of shrubs or trees of the honeysuckle family bearing flat clusters of small white or pink flowers. (MORE)

What color are elderberries?

They are a light blue color when ripe. They are a dark dark green when not ripe. They turn a bright shade of yellow in the north east region of the United States, but in Afgha (MORE)

Where can you get elderberry juice?

Elderberry Juice under the River Hills Harvest brand is available  in many MO, MN, WI and IA food cooperatives and a number of Hy-Vee  stores. Before the end of June 2014, a (MORE)

What mammals eat elderberries?

Bears and humans eat the berries, as do the white-footed mouse. Deer eat the leaves and stems, and hares and woodchucks eat the bark.
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