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Who was Eleanor of aquitaine?

Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most formidable and impressive women in Europe during the Middle Ages (lived 1122 - 1204). She was the Duchess of Aquitaine (in modern-day (MORE)

Who is Eleanor Tomlinson?

  She is an actress, who has played 2 roles in 2 different films, one was in the illusionist, it was a flashback, and it was only about 5 mins, but she was the child girl (MORE)
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What does Eleanor Calder do?

She is a student at the University of Manchester as well as being a part-time floor model.
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Are mondal begali brahmins?

Yes..Mondals belonging to the shandilya gotra are brahmins. Mondal is also a famous mahishya/ kayastha name.
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Is surname mondal bengali scheduled caste?

It's wrong to generalize. In Bengali community, some Mondals are Mahishyas while some could be SCs. There are other sub-castes they could belong to, and this would differ if t (MORE)
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Are Noah Youssef and Trisha Mondal still together?

No. They split around 2014-2015 due to Noah posting a video about  Trisha saying that she needs to get away from her friends and  family and that she needs some space. She d (MORE)