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What is a election?

i believe that an election is where a group of people have a vote  about a particular thing, say one person wanted to have world piece  and the other man wanted war, they wo (MORE)

Where do you get an electizer?

  The item "Electizer" is a held item that wild Elekids will sometimes hold. The probability that an Elekid is holding the item depends on which version of Pokemon you are (MORE)

Why are there elections?

We have a "democratic" government where everyone has "a say" in things. But there are so many of us that we can't each have "our say" and get anything done. So we have a repre (MORE)

Why do you do elections?

You "do" elections because it is the most fair way to give someone power over a country. With elections the winner has to earn it.(Unless your black like Obama or Roman Cathol (MORE)