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What are the demerits of election?

 It  creates a sense of disunity and 'factionalism' in every  locality.  Different  political parties and leaders often level allegations against one  another.  Partie (MORE)

Did Hitler get elected?

Yes. In November 1932, the National Socialist German Workers' Party emerged from national elections as the largest party in the Reichstag. His party did not however have a maj (MORE)

What is a election?

i believe that an election is where a group of people have a vote  about a particular thing, say one person wanted to have world piece  and the other man wanted war, they wo (MORE)

What is a gerrymandered election?

  Technically, the election is not gerrymandered. The electoral district is manipulated to give a party or candidate the strong likelihood of being elected, From the name (MORE)
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What is elective math?

Students who have successfully completed Algebra II may take this year long elective course that extends both algebra and trigonometry topics. Emphaisis is on functions and th (MORE)