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How do you get electrizer?

you go behind the valley windworks (near floaroma town) use surf near that bridge go right up across there is a little island with a pokeball pick it up and theres an electriz ( Full Answer )
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How do you get an electrizer?

get a palkia and dialga and dance in your room for 4 hours straight at the same time you turn diamond/pearl on and watch a replay of American idol and you will get and electri ( Full Answer )
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What is an electrizer?

an electrizer is something that you should give to your electabuzz and then trade it to make it into and electivre
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Where electricity is from?

electricity is defined as one of the fundemental elements of nature. it has existed as long the planet.
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What if there is no electricity?

all of us will die soon and fast. thank you. Another view: . Many people survived for centuries before electricity was even invented. They all led very normal lives and ac ( Full Answer )
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Where do we get electricity?

Electricity is generated in Power stations. These Power stations use generators to generate electricity. . The Generators are coupled to the prime movers which is rotated by ( Full Answer )
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What if you had no electricity?

You wouldn't be able to operate any electrical anything. And if there was no electricity there would be no lighting. But if you had none, you'd probably try to get it by buyin ( Full Answer )
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What does electricity have in it?

Actually, I just learned about electricity in class today, so you're in luck! Electricity has atoms that have electrons orbiting the atoms. If two atoms are next to eachother, ( Full Answer )
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What can electricity do to you?

Electricity can pass through your body causing you to get shocked. The severity of the shock depends on how many amps passed through and where the electricity passed through y ( Full Answer )
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What does electrical do?

Electricity provides power, lighting for us.When it comes down to it electrical resistance, rotating magnetic fields, and electrical codes or signals are what electricity does ( Full Answer )