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What is the bike law for bicycle accident attorney?

Bike laws vary from state to state and from city to city. If someone is hurt in a bicycle accident, they should immediately contact an attorney who is familiar with the area (MORE)

The law of electric charges states that?

The law of electric charges states that ...   Like charges repel, or push away Opposite charges attract, or come together    WHY does it do that?   Because Protons (MORE)
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What is stated by the law of electric charges?

Opposite charges attract, and like charges repel each other.    Coulomb's law of electric charges says that there are two kinds of  charges, positive and negative, and t (MORE)

What is the California bicycle helmet law?

From the California Bicycle Helmet Statute West's Annotated California Codes; Vehicle Codes; Division 11. Rules of the road; Chapter 1. Obeidience to and effect of traffic law (MORE)

What does a bicycle do?

A bicycle provides a method of human powered transportation so a person can travel on wheels. The person must learn to balance on the device, steer, and work the pedals. It ha (MORE)

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What is Law of electric charges?

This law was first discovered by Charles Augustin de Coulomb. It explains that all magnetic objects have the tendency to repel or attract to one another. Like charges repel on (MORE)
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Does Ohms Law have to do with electricity and electronics?

Ohm's Law only has to do with electronics. Ohm's Law is considered  one of the key function in electronics because it gives the  quantitative relationship between the three (MORE)

What are some advantages of bicycle helmet laws?

more people will wear helmets, hence less people will die from falling off bikes and splitting their skulls open and letting their brains fall out.
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How does ohms law affect electricity?

First of all, 'electricity', is the name given to a branch of  science; it is NOT a quantity that can be measured, such as  voltage, current, etc.   Secondly, Ohm's Law (MORE)