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Can c4 explode with an electrical charge?

If the charge is delivered directly into the RDX inside the plastic coating, then yes. But usually, a blasting cap is used. The cap explodes and the shock wave it produces is (MORE)

What is electric charge?

Electric charge is the physical property of matter that causes it to experience a force when placed in an electromagnetic field. There  are two types of electric charges: pos (MORE)
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Do all electric charges MOVE?

Yes, a charge is the fundamental electric property to which the mutual attractions or repulsions between electrons or protons is attributed. Electric charges are constantly fl (MORE)
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Why do electric charges flow?

Electronic charges will flow when a potential difference between the two locations, and an adequate path between them exists (with a low enough dielectric constant to allow th (MORE)

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What is the electrical charge of a proton?

Since protons and electrons carry the same but opposite charges, the charge of a single proton is often given in units as +1. More specifically, a proton's electrical charge (MORE)
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What are electric charges?

Electric charge (or electrical charge) is nothing but property possessed by various particles including the protons and electrons in atoms. Protons always have a positive char (MORE)

How can electric charge be established?

Charge is never created or destroyed. What we call "charging" an  object, or   discharging it, or collecting charge, is really just moving around  some charge   that (MORE)