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Who are the pioneers in the field of electricity?

Alessandra Volta Charles Coulumb Benjamin Franklin Georg Simon Ohm Andre Marie Ampher
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How are gravitational field and electric field different?

The electric field can be set up by either positive or negative charge, and electrostatic forces can be attractive or repulsive. The gravitational field is always attracti (MORE)
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How does the magnetic field interfere with the electric field?

This question does not have a trivial answer, but the following statement are facts which may match the question. (The term "interfere" is not well defined in this context. Th (MORE)
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How are gravitational fields and electric fields similar?

The gravitational and electric fields share similarities in that  they are vector fields and both transmit forces between objects,  Gravitational force is equal to the produ (MORE)

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Can electric fields be harmful?

Before lightening strikes, there has to be an electric field. If you grab a live wire, the voltage of the wire creates an electric field in you which drives the current that k (MORE)
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Can electric field lines do work?

Yes. Work is force times distance, or technically the dot product of vector force times vector distance. Electric fields exert force on charge and the force does work when t (MORE)

What is meant by the electric field intensity at a point of an electric field?

The electric field intensity at a point is the force experienced by a one coulomb positive charge placed at that point. If suppose 5 C charge experiences a force of 20 N then (MORE)